Mastering Managment

January 2012

Branding Print


Mastering Management targets both new and experienced managers in Local Government who want to improve their managerial competencies so they can be the best they can be.


1 Logo

A memorable and dynamic logo was developed.

"Brett has managed a number of design projects for us now and we have always been very pleased with the outcomes. He has a flair for ‘thinking outside the square’ and he brings real creativity to his work. He just seems to ‘get it’."

Tony Matthews, Manager Professional Development, LGPro

Brochure Brochure

2 Brochure

The brochure had a very minimalist, neat, and corporate feel aimed at both new and experienced managers in Local Government.


3 Info-graphic

An info-graphic displaying the three core development areas was created to help participants easily understand the purpose of the program.

Presentation Presentation

4 Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation template was created so the design would remain consistent, but they had full control to enter their own content and make changes as needed.